Foundation Programme in Engineering


Dynamic, in cooperation with International Foundation Group in London, now provides Kuwaiti students with the opportunity to study this foundation course in Engineering and progress onto undergraduate degree programmes in the UK. It is a suitable course for progression into all major fields of engineering including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Chemical, and Energy related.

The syllabus is the same as in the UK and with the same progression routes to a range of well ranked universities. Students are guaranteed that so long as they pass the course and meet English language requirements, they will receive offers for UK degree courses.


% of overall grade

Tuition hours per week

Term One

Study skills  5% 5 hours
Core Mathematics 10% 4 hours
Physics 10% 4 hours
Chemistry  5% 4 hours
Academic English 6 hours

Terms Two and Three

Further Mathematics & Mechanics 25% 5 hours
Physics 25% 5 hours
Chemistry 20% 5 hours
Academic English 6 hours
  1. To prepare students for engineering degree programmes at UK universities.
  2. To increase student knowledge of pure mathematics, mechanics, physics, and organic and inorganic chemistry.
  3. To help students develop problem solving skills and adopt an analytical approach to their studies.
  4. To be able to apply information and theories effectively to a range of contexts.
  5. To develop skills in preparing and carrying out practical investigations.
  6. To improve English language skills both in terms of written and oral communications.
  7. To provide students with detailed information concerning UK universities and career opportunities. To advise them on all aspects of UK university application processes.

1- Complete Senior High School Certification of overall grade of 70%

2- All students must have an English language level equivalent to 5.0 IELTS with minimum of 5.0 in reading and writing. For students who have not achieved this, pre-sessional English language tuition is available.

3. Interview, usually through Skype.

4. Suitable reference.

  • Great emphasis is placed on the need to ensure that all students are prepared for the style of teaching and learning at UK universities. Many students are more accustomed to methods focused on recall of information, and IFG recognises the need for students to adapt and become more secure in evaluating and applying theories and concepts.
  • There is a strong emphasis on informal assessments throughout the programme. At the start of each module, students undergo an assessment to identify individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Termly reports are given to students and parents after the first and second terms.